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I am Fran Expósito, and I am here to offer you a unique group Spanish learning experience, specially designed for companies and their teams.

Why Choose My Spanish Classes?

At Tu profe de español, I take pride in providing tailored online Spanish learning solutions for companies seeking to improve their employees' language skills and effective communication.

My group classes deliver a flexible and personalized learning experience, combining the convenience of online classes with active interaction and an individualized approach.

Why Tu profe de español?

1. Online Group Classes:

All my classes are conducted online, allowing your employees to join from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. Professional Instructor:

I am a highly qualified and experienced Spanish instructor, native, committed to ensuring effective learning.

3. Customized Programs:

I adjust learning programs to meet the specific needs of your company, from beginners to advanced levels.

4. Flexible Schedules:

I offer flexible schedules to accommodate your employees' agendas.

5. Assessment and Tracking:

I maintain continuous progress tracking for students and provide detailed reports to measure their development.

Benefits for Your Company

How My Classes Work

1. Initial Assessment:

We begin with a level assessment to determine each student's starting point.

2. Customized Design:

I create a personalized study plan for each group, focusing on your company's areas of interest and specific needs.

3. Interactive Classes:

My classes are built on active participation and interaction, ensuring students apply what they learn in real-life situations.

4. Ongoing Evaluation:

I conduct regular assessments to measure students' progress and adjust the study plan as needed.

Start Your Learning Journey Today!

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

  • Aydin
    Great class as always. Fran always makes the classes fun and interesting. He takes his time to answer all the questions and explains complex grammatical topics in a simple and understandable way.
  • Julien M.
    Patient and kind. A gem of a teacher that I will continue to learn from :)
    Julien M.
    Nueva York
  • Alex B.
    Empecé clases con Fran hace 3 años con un nivel muy básico. Con su apoyo he mejorado mi conocimiento y fluidez en la lengua española mucho más de lo que podría solo. Gracias Fran!
    Alex B.
    New South Wales, Australia
  • Matthew H.
    Fran is a fantastic teacher - I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to learn the Spanish language. He is always punctual, prepared and enthusiastic. I am happy to begin 2021 under Fran's tutelage.
    Matthew H.
    Florida, Estados Unidos
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